User conditions for customers

In setting up a profile as a customer at you accept these conditions, and we recommend you read these conditions and keep a copy.


About the service is a web based service, where you, as customer, can request offers on services from different service providers within different categories - and subsequently contact them. The contact between the customer and the service provider is facilitated by

Profiles for customers
The customer can set up a profile, using their information to request offers on concrete party hosting services.
The customer has the opportunity to read and give feedback about the service offered by the service provider. The customer also has an opportunity to send their own reviews of their experiences with the respective service provider.


Customer Registration

To use Tamilfunctions’ service and, including the portal and the app, it is necessary that the customer first register at When registering customers must provide their personal information to be assigned a customer profile.

Tamilfunctions reserve the right to refuse registration or to cancel an existing one at any time.

Each customer can only have one profile, and this must be a personal one. The customer is not allowed to use the profile for other purposes.


Guidelines for use of

Customers are authorised use the functionality available on reserves the right to change the functionality or the service at any time.

On website, you will be able to get a maximum of three price inquiries per category upon one request at a time. Once this request has been dealt with you are welcome to again request a new price inquiry.

Customers can request information by sending an inquiry through Through the website they may check availability, and, if desired, ask for a non-committal offer. When receives an inquiry we will make contact with the service provider. The customer may choose to make direct contact with the service provider, but the only way to request the discount is to use the stated password on, which is changed on a monthly basis.


Payment conditions is not involved in the transaction or payment between customer and service provider at booking and service execution. All payments are between the customer and the service provider.


Information for customers on

Customers accept that may send them messages via the e-mail address provided and through the website’s message system. Moreover the customer may also receive advertisements and marketing materials from reserves the right to use customer e-mail, and, through, send messages to the customer about an invoice from a service provider, along with important information about the service, security conditions, essential changes to the terms and conditions etc.


Conditions and limitation of responsibility serves as the intermediary of information about the service. This includes the process of requesting the offers between customers and service providers. reserves the right to renounce responsibility for unsatisfactory outcomes or liability for paying compensation for the communication, including contents and obligations of such information, correspondence and offers. reserves the right to renounce responsibility for the services and products offered by the service providers. reserves the right to renounce responsibility for the quality, the service, errors or additional requirements from the service delivered to the customer by the service providers. is not involved in the transactions or payments between customer and service provider.


Rights for owns all immaterial rights, including full intellectual property rights to the service and the monopoly for all content on the website, inclusive of elements in the form of videos, animation, sound, music, text, pictures, photos etc. works hard to provide a round-the-clock service. However, there is no guarantee that the site will be in fully functional in instances including security updates, maintenance, network errors or problems with the connections.


Trading codes, discounts and campaigns can choose to offer trading codes, gift vouchers and discounts to their registered service providers and customers at any time. Trading codes, discounts and gift vouchers which are offered through the portal, the app or through other media may not be exchanged for money or used after the stated redeemable date. have no commitment to accept any trading codes, discounts or gift vouchers if decides that these are fraudulent or have been tampered with in any way.


Termination or deletion of a profile

Termination may occur with a notice of one month to the end of the month. The customer can send requests for termination to: with the reference ’’Termination of cooperation’’.
At the end of termination access to your profile for the customers will expire. It is the responsibility of the customer ensure the back-up of relevant data.


Changes of user conditions reserves the right to change the existing conditions at any time. The future conditions will, at any time, appear on recommends that customer reads the trade conditions thoroughly, because they only influence on the service provider’s rights. These changes will be sent as a message to the service providers through message system.


Treatment of personal information

The data which registers is adapted from the ’Law about treatment of personal data’. The Office of Danish Data Supervision makes inspections of every treatment which is included in personal data law. Please see see www. for further information. is responsible for requesting and handling the data.

The service makes use of cookies - little files which are stored on the customer’s computer for identification purposes at Cookies are used to help enhance the customer experience through the easy provision of data and information. To create a profile on, the following information is required: name, address, phone number and e-mail. requires the registration of customers’ personal information expressly for the purpose of delivering the product to the customer. makes use of log statistics, which means that the statistics system requests information to provide a picture of the number of visitors to the website, where the visitors come from, and also at what point on the website they decide to leave. does not keep the customer information encrypted and does not transmit any encrypted customer information.