User conditions for service providers

By setting up a profile as a service provider on you accept these conditions for service providers, and we recommend you to read the conditions and save them.


About the service is a web based service, where you as customer can request offer on services from different service providers within different categories and subsequent contact them. The contact between the customer and the service provider is communicated by

Profiles for customer and service providers

a. The customer can set up a profile, where they state their data to request offers on concrete party host’s services.
The customer has an opportunity to write and read reviews about the service which is offered by the service provider. The customer also has an opportunity to send in their own reviews of their experiences with the service provider concerned.

b. As an exhibition platform the service providers get a personal profile (a mini site). On the mini site the service provider can state their qualifications areas, upload material, information and so on, which in prima facie will be available on


Registration as service provider

To be able to use services and the functions on’s portal and apps, it’s necessary that the service provider registers a profile at
To register it is necessary that the service provider state some compulsory information, such as the name, the contact information, the postal code and the e-mail address of the service provider. reserves for oneself the right to reduce a new registration or to cancel an existing registration at any time.
The service provider can only have one profile, and it’s a personal profile for the service provider, who therefore may not use it for other purposes.
In connection to the establishment of a profile, it’s necessary to choose a self-elected password. The password is private and confidential and must therefore be kept safe. It may not be passed to others than the justified from service provider. If the password is forgotten, a new one can be given, and if service provider has a suspicion that the password is being abused, then contact, and they can bar the password and give service provider a new one.


Guidelines for use of

The service provider s legitimated to use the functionality, which is available on reserve for oneself the right to chance the functionality on the service continuously.

The service provider commits to give up an offer to so the customer, who has made an approach to the service provider through the functions on, can have a non-committal offer.
Customers can choose to request the offers and prices by sending an inquiry through They will be able to see on the portal, if the service provider is available and through that ask for a non-committal offer. When receives an inquiry we will make contact to the service provider.

As a service provider it is illegal to material, which can be offensive with for example racist, insulting or pornographic content. In the same way the service provider need to use an acceptable language. reserves for oneself the right without further notice to remove content and information, which estimates breaks these conditions. At reiterated breaks of these conditions, reserves for oneself the right to hinder the service provider access to and it’s functions, and also to delete the profile of the service provider.


Upload of own material – Photos and videos

The service providers on have the opportunity to upload their own, such as photos and videos. They will be approved before they are available on

If the service provider uploads photos and videos on, the service provider needs to make sure that he or she does not offend other’s intellectual property rights or trademarks rights under the uploading of photos and videos on The service provider may not without concrete consent from the holder of right upload photos and, which the service provider has not taken himself or herself.

When it comes to photos and videos then the service provider needs to make sure that if he or she has consent from the person on the photo or in the video, if the service provider uploads photos or videos of human.


Prices, payment and payment conditions

The establishment of a profile as a service provider and the use of is for free in the period from 01-08-2015 to 31-01-2016, here after there will be an annual administration tax.

The administration tax is paid in cash for the full period at the establishment of a subscription for a year. At termination of the cooperation compared to part 9, the administration tax is not refunded, and that’s in force no matter the duration of the subscription and the date of the termination of the agreement. The service provider can at any time cancel the cooperation with a notice of one month.
Service provider is obliged to pay quarterly for being a member. Tamilfunctions issue a bill every 3 months. Service provider will upon payment receive confirmation of receipt of payment.
If the payment does not happen within the stated date of the decay of the payment, the service provider will at first receive a request without further costs, about a new payment for with outstanding debt within 7 days

If the payment to does not happen within 7 days, there will be instructed a reminder charge on DKK 100,00. The reminder charge does have a limit, which is DKK 200,00 no matter the amount of the payment. Here after the cooperation will stop.


Conditions and limitation of responsibility

The service providers are responsible for the photos and videos, which they upload on the mini site. The service provider is responsible for the legislation of photos and videos on and make sure that their use of the material does not offend other rights. reserve for oneself the right to remove the content, if it offends other’s rights, for example intellectual property rights, trade mark rights or the personal data law.
Should meet with a claim for compensation from a third party, because the service provider have offended other’s rights with the material they have uploaded, then the service providers fasten for for such claims for compensation and the costs for And the service provider risks to be met with claim for compensation from both the holder of right and from renounce oneself every responsibility for the services and product, which are being delivered by the service providers in connection to the booking. renounce oneself every responsibility for the quality, the service, errors or needs from the service, which the service provider delivers to the customer.


Rights for owns all immaterial right, including full intellectual property rights to the service and the monopoly for all contents on the website, inclusive the elements in the form of for example videos, animations, sounds, music, text, pictures, photos and so on. makes an effort to make the service available at all hours, but there’s no guarantee that the site will be in full functions and with no errors at all hours. It can for example be explained by security conditions, maintenance causes, network errors or letdown with the communication connections.
In case of this will as far as possible give up the reports on the service. recommends the service providers to always do back-up of the material, which the service providers upload to the service. renounce oneself every responsibility for loss or damage of the service provider’s data.


Trading codes, discounts and campaigns can at any time choose to offer trading codes, gift vouchers and discounts to their registered service providers and customers. Trading codes, discounts and gift vouchers, which are offered through the portal, the app or through other medias can not be exchanged to money or be used after the respective sell-by date. have no commitment for take up any trading codes, discounts or gift vouchers, if decides that these have been changed or faked.


Termination or deletion of a profile

Termination can happen with a notice of one month to the end of the month, unless something else is arranged. The customer can send request for termination in writing to: with the reference ’’Termination of cooperation’’.
At the end of the termination the access to you profile for the customers will be shut down. It is the customer’s own responsibility to take care of back-up of the relevant data before the profile is being shut down.
There will be no recall of the administration tax, and it’s also in force no matter the duration of the subsection and the date of the termination of the agreement.


Address changes and other changes for the customer

If the service provider moves or the original stated information, such as phone number or e-mail by some reason change, the service provider have to at once inform about this in writing.


Change of user conditions reserves for oneself the right to chance the existing trade conditions at any time. The existing conditions will at any time appear on recommends that service providers read the trade conditions thoroughly, because they only influence on rights of the service providers. These changes will be sent as a massage to the service providers through message system.


Entering into cooperation

The service provider can not enter into a similar cooperation with others