Trade conditions on


The trades are in force xxx

By accepting the trade conditions you consent as a Tamilfunctions customer that the effective conditions regulate the relation between the customer and in connection with the order of the customer.


Information and marketing

At the date of the arrangement the customer accepts to receive newsletters by e-mail and text, which contains information about relevant offers, new products, new services, information about maintenance etc.



The conditions include Tamilfunction’s webshop, perhaps services and also products in connection with this


Entering into agreement

The agreement between the two parts is entered in writing, either where one of the parts sign a paper contract, by online registration or through an e-mail correspondence.
At the entering into agreement the customer must give up correct name, address, postal code, phone number, CVR number and e-mail address, in case the customer has one.


Billing reserve for oneself the right to make billing when the delivery is done. Special services and other products and services can be invoiced in parts and for the period, which differ from the agreements.


Payment conditions

All prices are given in Danish Krone, inclusive value added tax and excise duty.
The payment of your order can only happen through the secured payment form on the website. We accept payment with following cards: Visa/Dankort, eDankart and International cards like Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB.
All payments happen in cooperation with PayPal, because it’s the most secure payment method, and because it protects our customers against abuse.


Reservation reserve for oneself the right to chance our trade conditions. Therefore it’s important that the customer continuously keep one’s updated on this area.